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Versamill Precision Dental Machining Center

In-House Lab

We are one of the only dental practices in the Odenton area with a full-service, state-of-the-art dental lab on-site, featuring the incredibly advanced Versamill Precision Dental Machining Center. As a result, we design, scan, and manufacture even the most complex dental restorations right in our office.

State-of-the-art technology

inPractice™ Solutions Sets a New Standard in Precision and Fit
Many dentists are adopting new digital technologies. At Odenton Station Dental, we feel we’ve adopted the best practices and tools. Featuring the inPractice™ Solutions from Axsys Dental, our transition to a total digital approach in every facet of patient care has improved our precision, reduced chair time, and ensured that you, the patient, receives the most comfortable experience possible with the best outcome. 

Further, we can make adjustments to your restoration’s shades and fit while you are in the office. And, because we don’t ship things out to another lab, you will be able to get your restoration quickly, with the results you want.

Powerful Dental CAD Software

for superb accuracy and control

At the most advanced dental offices, like Odenton Station Dental, computer-assisted design software and computer-assisted milling machines are replacing lab procedures done by hand.

For example, our expertly tuned CAD libraries, CAM machining templates, and machine accuracy within 5 microns mean your dental restorations offer patients, like you, a consistent, precision fit you never thought possible—the first time.

Versamill Milling Unit

With the Versamill milling unit on-site, our lab technicians are able to manufacture the longest-lasting and most natural-looking restorations available in a surprisingly short period of time, which, of course, saves you, the patient, time and doctor visits. Further, we can make adjustments to your restoration’s shades and fit while you are in the office.

We don’t think you’ll find a more convenient, precise, comfortable, reliable, and aesthetically pleasing dental implant solution anywhere else within a 2-hour drive of our office.
This unit can mill titanium and zirconia material. Zirconia is a state-of-the-art implant material that is not only resistant to chips and fractures but also produces the natural appearance of healthy teeth and gums.

Formlabs’ Form 3B 3D printer

Formlabs' incredibly innovative digital workflow and 3D printers allow us to make accurate and highly reliable dental parts and biocompatible appliances, like dentures, crowns and bridges, clear retainers, and surgical guides, faster and more affordably than existing alternatives right in our office. It’s all part of Dr. Forbes’ commitment to the next generation of digital dental practices.
KaVo OP 3D

KaVo OP 3D CBCT (cone beam)

Dr. Forbes’ office uses theKaVo OP 3D CBCT system – including a 3D cone beam scanner. In addition to a plethora of awards and accolades from the dental community, this 3D imaging system reduces the amount of radiation exposure to patients while still retaining highly diagnostic images. 

High-resolution, complete 3D views give the doctor a more thorough analysis of bone structure and tooth orientation. More precise data helps the doctor plan with more confidence treatment for surgical placement of the implant and abutment to deliver more predictable, successful outcomes.

Dental microsurgery

Dental Microsurgery

Dental microsurgery means that instead of using dental loupes, dentists and oral surgeons use dental operating microscopes to zoom in further and with more clarity. Dental loupes are only able to magnify the area by about 3 to 6 times, whereas dental operating microscopes can increase the size to 20 times the normal vision our eyes can see. Another positive to dental microscopes is that their zoom level is variable – Dr. Forbes can change it depending on what is best suited for that particular moment.

Dental microsurgery is something that can be applied to any procedure, and can help decrease the duration of the surgery and make the results more consistent and predictable.

Medit i500 Intraoral 3D Scanner

We've taken the next step in the progression of delivering crowns and straightening teeth in the quickest, most advanced way possible. Our new Medit video scanner now eliminates the need to take impressions (molds) in most cases. This intraoral scanner literally takes a video scan of your mouth, providing highly accurate virtual impressions. The benefit is that we no longer need to put goopy stuff in our patients' mouths, often causing a gag reflex, to get these impressions. This scanner improves the patient experience while at the same time increasing the quality of the impressions we use for dental implants and crowns.


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