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Is Gum Disease Lurking Beneath Your Smile?

Gum (periodontal) disease is a serious condition caused by harmful oral bacteria. Without treatment, this progressive infection leads to bone loss, loose teeth and even tooth loss. Dr. Forbes and the team at Odenton Station offer minimally invasive ways to address moderate to advanced gum disease.
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Arielle Forbes, DMD

Minimally invasive ways to address moderate to advanced gum disease.
Dr. Forbes offers a range of Periodontal treatments, which cover the tissues that surround and support your teeth and dental implants. When you meet with Dr. Forbes, you can feel confident knowing that your overall gum health and oral care are evaluated and addressed.

Working in a state-of-art dental surgical facility with a fully staffed in-house lab, Dr. Forbes and her team of experts can handle all your dental needs, all in one office, often in just one day. No need to travel to different offices, meeting with multiple doctors.

Few practices in the area offer such comprehensive expertise, technology, and comfort to every patient. Come in today to experience one of the best dental practices Maryland has to offer.
We don’t think you’ll find a more convenient, precise, comfortable, reliable, and aesthetically pleasing dental solution anywhere else in the Odenton area.
WHAT ARE MY treatment options?
If you've been diagnosed with gum disease, there are a variety of treatment options depending on the details of your situation and the severity of the problem. We always start with the least invasive options, which are non-surgical. However, in more serious cases, surgery may be necessary.
The first line of defense against gum disease is a unique type of cleaning called “scaling and root planing.” In this procedure, an ultrasonic cleaning device is used to remove plaque and tartar from your teeth where regular cleaning devices can't reach: under the gum line, on the tooth, and around the root. Then, the rough surface of the tooth and the root are smoothed out (planed). This provides a healthy, clean surface that makes it easier for the gum tissue to reattach to the tooth.

If you address your gum disease before it becomes severe, scaling and root planing may be the only treatment you need. However, as with any dental procedure, after-care is vital. In order to keep your teeth in good shape and resist future occurrences of gum disease, you must brush and floss daily, eat a healthy diet, avoid tobacco use, and have regular dental checkups. Even after a successful scaling and root planing, if you don't attend to your teeth properly, it's quite likely that you'll develop gum disease again.
Laser Dentistry
Fear of gum disease treatment keeps many patients from seeking the care they need for a healthy smile. But with our gentle approach and minimally invasive laser technology, you never have to fear getting the treatment you need! Incorporating laser services into our treatment plans lets us provide greater comfort and better patient experiences. Our team of clinicians is ready to use their experience, advanced training, and compassionate chairside manner to restore your gum health for a lasting, beautiful smile!

We treat a variety of dental conditions with our laser dentistry procedures:
Gum disease treatment
Gum recontouring
Ulcer treatment
Composite fillings
Implant surgery
Peri-implantitis treatment
TMJ/Muscle evaluation and therapy
HOW DO I get started?
Call a treatment coordinator at Odenton Station to discuss your Periodontal Treatment options.


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